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User-friendly content in modern technologies means no fireworks. Simplicity is the real key.
Our goals are built upon delivering your message to a global audience in the cleanest and most readable manner.

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Responsive websites

With a state-of-the-art’s technology, we create websites that are optimized, super-responsive, and can be accessed from all devices.

Mobile applications

In a fast changing world, our seasoned programmers are constantly blazing the trail in the creation of more engaging and intuitive Mobile apps.


Our world-class team know just how to help you get noticed, and creatively rebrand in the 21st-century style

Design and user experience

Creating an engaging and intuitive platform is characteristic of our world-class team of designers. We pay attention to every pixel!

Code developing

Nothing comes close to the excitement we derive in writing code-perfect, quick load-time website and mobile app programs all the time!

Deliver and publish

We always observe a lightning speed project management timeline; ensuring that all your website features are created, published and running in record time!

Who we are?

We are Pixel Target, creative digital studio situated in the city of Katowice, Poland. We are more than just another creative digital studio in Poland. We love challenging tasks, which is why we specialize in the creation of custom-coded, cutting-edge and responsive websites and apps, for our clients.

At Pixel Target, our world-class team is fully equipped, experienced, and knows just how to make magic happen for you. Our premium custom-coded website packages, mobile app, and digital products, designed to stand the test of time, testify to this fact. We are committed to delivering professional and top-quality digital solutions, per time. Thus presenting your brand’s uniqueness, with an intuitive user-friendly experience!

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