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We are Pixel Target – a creative web-developing studio in Poland, specializing in delivering cutting-edge responsive websites, custom-coded for each client. We know the main purpose of your website is conveying the right message to visitors and we use all design techniques we know (and we know some!) to help you do just that. Our passion is bringing user-experience to a whole new level and helping you represent your brand in a unique way.

If you don’t recognize the importance of your website being professionally designed, user-friendly and efficient, your business will be in trouble soon. If you do, then you are ready to work with us for creating a functional online environment, where interaction with potential and existing clients is seamless.

We’ve brought together a talented team from all over the world to make Pixel Target Studio a place where magic happens and high-end web products get built to last. Become a part of this process by contacting us today.

What we do


When the design is done right, it just flows. Visitors enjoy browsing and they are able to easily find exactly the information they need. Our awareness of user experience and natural attention to detail allows us to offer a level of interaction that will make your clients stick around for a bit longer – and come back for more.

The reasons we are applying to be among the top of the best World Creative Agencies are obvious – our custom-made designs are strong and memorable and most importantly – responsive. Responsive design means that whether your clients are entering your website from a desktop, tablet or a smart phone, they will be able to enjoy the full experience without having to zoom in and out and click the wrong buttons until they give up and go.

At Pixel Target Studio, we are artists that work on a modern-day canvas to create striking designs.


Because we develop in-house, we can do anything you want. We will work closely with you to identify goals and deadlines and offer the best, tailor made solutions.

All of our products are reliable and easy to manage. Our web apps stand out from the crowd with excellent loading speed and maximized Search Engine optimization.

Our experience as a team is invaluable in helping you grow your business through high-end development.


When you work with us, the process of building a website is expertly completed from beginning to the very end. We are going to setup your website on a reliable Cloud Server and perform necessary configuration so you get a full product plug & go.

At Pixel Target Studios we are very careful to provide your website with top security features and ensure safety and quick loading of the pages. Once published, you can create accounts for a few people, who will be able to edit it.

The publishing stage includes incorporating Web Statistics, Social Media connection and other custom features. The Web Statistic will allow you to track your visits and estimate the efficiency of your marketing efforts. The Social Media connection will make it easier for you to upkeep consistent promotion across all your social media channels.


Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you and anyone with no technical background whatsoever to edit website content effortlessly. It is much like Wordpress – only better. It gives you total freedom to control all aspects of your website – copy, web media, special configuration and anything else you may want to change once the website is published.

Our custom-made CMS, created to be simple and convenient to use, is one of the unique selling points of Pixel Target Studios we are most proud of. Take advantage of its endless features by hiring us today.

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