About Us

Pixel Target - home of World-class online digital solutions.

Who we are?

Pixel Target is a digital creative studio that comprises of a dedicated team of focused and passionate professionals who are excellent at what they do. Being goal-driven and result-oriented, we derive maximum satisfaction in meeting our clients’ needs to the smallest details.

As a team, we specialize in the design and construction of engaging, highly responsive, and intuitive websites and mobile app platforms. We are known for our contribution to the enhancement of brands, products, and services through our creation of customized users’ experience technology. We are pragmatic in our approach, and always welcome new projects, however challenging they may be.

Working as a team, our various contributions forms a powerful strategic think tank for design and technological dynamism required to help businesses grow. Little wonder our esteemed clients have taken knowledge of our passion for solving complex challenges and accomplishing landmark results.

How do we work?


working hours per day

We understand that more work-hours don’t necessarily mean increased productivity. We observe a 7-hour daily work schedule, which has helped us to significantly increase our creative abilities as a team. Little wonder our team’s morale is always high, with everyone working excellently and at the maximum potential, passionate about the tasks at hand.


daily break, work hours included

Besides our 7-hour daily work schedule, we always take a minimum of 30 minutes, break daily. This allows us to stay fresh, relaxed and very productive all through the entire workday.

1 day

of remote work week

Working remotely from the comfort of our homes, travel or leisure, once a week, Pixel Target employers are able to draw work-inspiration even outside the confines of our official work space. This way, we are able to collaborate, interact and remain productive beyond the confines of time and space.

Our Mission Statement

By building a world-class team, Pixel Target is committed to saturating the World Wide Web (WWW), the Internet and mobile app communities, with our digital product and services, thereby creating an intuitive, highly responsive and robust digital space for everyone!

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